Quad Squad creator Marcia & some boss ass babes are bringing you something awesome! The Body Course is full of content that will give you the tools to empower yourself, understand your worth, and embrace all things body. Support her work and support YOURSELF by taking part in this journey.

This course is going to show you that YOU WERE ALWAYS ENOUGH. Exactly as you are. You are beautiful, powerful, and capable beyond measure. ⁣⁣And beyond that, this course will show you how to UNLOCK YOUR INDIVIDUAL SUPERPOWERS and be the best YOU you can be, while loving yourself through the entire journey. 

Use this link, click here to purchase The Body Course and conquer your Summit Within!! Marcia's chapter is on embracing yourself after change.Β 

Other chapters include;

  • Releasing Stress and Tension From Your BodyΒ 
  • Societal Stigmas
  • Breaking Free From The Diet Culture Cycle
  • Disability and Adaptation
  • Forming Healthy Lifestyle Β Habits
  • Benefits of Strength Training
  • Body Positivity
  • Empowered Mindset and Self DefenseΒ