Start unlearning & dismantling white supremacy. Do the work (internal included) for the long haul. 

 1️⃣ - Amplify Black voices. Follow Black & POC accounts. Shop Black businesses. Pay Black creators for their labor. See lists from @balancedblackgirlpodcast & @Etsy or search the hashtag #amplifymelanatedvoices created by @blackandembodied & @jessicawilson.msrd. Relevant to fitness we highly recommend @decolonizing_fitness, sign up for their patreon.

 2️⃣ - Self study. Sign up for anti racism webinars, courses, & newsletters. Check out offerings from @iamchrissyking and @nicoleacardoza. Read a book, check with your local library for free resources. Learn why phrases like "all lives matter", "I'm not racist!", or "I don't see color" are problematic." Understand & identify what ways you have personally benefited from systematic racism. Learn what intersectional feminism entails.

3️⃣ - Reflect. Does my social media reflect that I care about black lives? Did I post a black square and then keep it moving with selfies or self promotion? Does my staff include different voices? Do my images contain different bodies, shapes, and colors? Do I let bias reflect how I interact with black bodies or speak about them with nonblack friends or colleagues? Does my business present as black interested? For a good explanation on black interested see @tee_smilesss

4️⃣ Donate. Consider monthly donations or sustainable projects that fund racial justice. There are many! Decide if you want to fund national or local orgs with your time or coins. No clue? Good place to start is @blklivesmatter and @blackvisionscollective

5️⃣ Audit. Hold yourself, friends, family, and colleagues accountable. Get uncomfortable and have uncomfortable conversations with others. Check in with yourself on your growth. You will only find growth in discomfort.